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Debuwala is a horticulture and land development projects company with exclusive real estate professionals specializing in agricultural land. Our core strengths are rooted in years of expertized team offering a comprehensive suite of services to our clients. We remain keenly focused on our vision of helping our customers in exploring the full potential of their land and generating lofty returns through high end production of timber. Debuwala members are able to meet the needs of the buyers by making highest yield possible through timber tracts.

Timber Industry goes around from Ground to Marketplace

Timber land is a financially viable investment year after year and with Debuwala, investors will seek manageable levels of returns on their investment. We provide our buyers all necessary details about the land in a format which is informative and easy to comprehend. Debuwala works on the principle that Customer Care is the life blood of any company, and therefore, we assure best deals at competitive price assuring high ROI.

“Timber- A Positive Material for addressing adverse effects of Climate Change”

Geographical Location of Anantapuram

Anantapuram is a district of the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. It is the Largest district of Andhra Pradesh with close proximity to IT hubs like Bangalore and Chennai. Anantapuram is a corridor to promote accelerated growth and land development. With hot arid bioclimatic condition, this region enjoys various geographical advantages for optimal production of timber. Considering all these factors, land prices in this area is bound to rise in future.

Geographical Location of Anantapuram

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Our passion for farming and experience in executing projects amalgamated with your investment will fetch you assured returns in cash and land appreciation.


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